Clarence R. Bowman

Clarence was born September 19, 1903 in Franklin County, Virginia, the son of Joseph and Mary Susan (Barnhart) Bowman. He married Idell Cover, daughter of Solomon Lesie and Dulcie Lovie (Williams) Cover on May 22, 1932. They have three children: Robert C. (born April 26, 1934), Beverly Ann (born April 26, 1938), and John David (born April 8, 1945). After his family moved to Union Bridge, Maryland, in 1920, Clarence attended and graduated from Blue Ridge Academy in 1925. He also graduated from Bridgewater College in 1929 and Bethany Seminary in 1932. Mary Cover graduated from the Sacred Music Course at Bethany in 1932 and received her college at Bluffton College in Ohio. Clarence was licensed to the ministry in 1928, ordained in 1930, and made an elder in 1937. In Northwestern Ohio he served as pastor of the Pleasant View Church from 1938 to 1945. During this time he was very active on district boards and committees. Before coming to Pleasant View, Clarence had served pastorates in Myersville, Maryland and Christianburg, Virginia. Later he held pastorates at Roxbury in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, San Diego, California, Staunton, Virginia, Unitly, near Broadway, Virginia, and Tampa, Florida.