Ira Clifford Paul

Clifford, the son of Edward and Mary Ellen (Bowman) Paul, was born February 9, 1898 in Carrol County, Illinois "Milledgeville". He married Ruth Fouts, daughter of David Fouts, on June 8, 1922. They had three children: Mary Wilberta (Boone) (born December 3, 1932), Rowena Jean (Perkins)(born July 15, 1937), and Preston Renwyck (born September 24, 1941). In Northwestern Ohio he served as pastor of the Pleasant View Church for eight years (1929-1937). He was a school teacher for many years. After he left Ohio in 1942 he held pastorates in Illinois and Pennsylvania. From May 1, 1954 to May 30, 1961 he was Superintendent of the Home for the Aging at Windber, Pennsylivania. Clifford died October 24, 1965 and was buried at Mount Morris, Illinois.