Edgar Petry

Edgar, pastor of Pleasant View from 1946 to 1955 was born August 14, 1917 at West Manchester, Ohio, the son of Walter A. and Ola Petry. On August 14, 1938 he married Mary Elizabeth Beasley, daughter of Charles and Ethel Beasley. Their children are Edgar, Jr. (born November 24, 1940), Judith Ann (born July 18, 1944), and Stephen L. (born March 3, 1946). While in Allen County, Edgar was active in district and regional work and was a member of the Administrative Committee of the Ohio Council of Churches. He was also a trustee of Manchester College. He was also pastor at Cedar Grove (1941-1946) and East Dayton (1955-1962) in Ohio, New Paris, Indiana (1962-1969) and Oak Grove, Roanoke, Virginia (1969-1982). After retiring in 1983, Edgar died in 1985.

On April 24, 1983 Edgar Petry came back to Pleasant View to speak. Reverend Edgar Petry speaks on "The Most We Can Give." Please note: The sermon will be after a few minutes of singing.