1911 Building

Reprinted from "100 Years at Pleasant View Church."

The work at Pleasant View met with good success for by 1910 the building was too small. Plans were made to erect a larger building to house the growing congregation, one half mile south on North Thayer Road in Lewis Grove. One of the reasons for the change in location was the Western Ohio traction line, which afforded transportation to the services. The building committee composed of S. H. Vore, J.B. Driver, and John Miller drew up the plans for the frame structure. In 1911 the old church was torn down, and the new one erected using some of the materials from the old building.

On November 25, 1911 the dedication service was held with Elder Henry C. Early, Penn Laird Virginia preaching the dedicatory sermon.

The time came when the membership of the Sugar Creek Church had so increased in number that it seemed advisable to divide into two seperate congregations, thus forming the Pleasant View congregation which held its organizational meeting in the second frame church building on November 6, 1918 with Elder G. A. Snider presiding.

Elder David Byerly was chosen as the first presiding Elder of the new congregation December 2, 1918. The second Elder was Noah Cool. Several ministers served this new congregation under the free ministry system. They were: David Byerly, Noah Cool, Joseph Wampler, and Walter Landes. Joseph Wampler served the church as first chorister and first church clerk. S. H. Vore was the first church treasurer. Roscoe Koogler was the first Sunday School Superintendent and Walter Landes was the first to represent this new church as delegate to Annual Conference. During the first year the new church entertained District Conference and held a Love Feast Communion in addition to its regular services.

Some other members of this church at the time of its organization were the families of I. W. Byerly, Angus Carroll, J. B. Driver, P. D. Driver, J. W. Driver, Clarence Early, Jacob Early, Newton McDorman, Ami Miller, Isaac Miller, Joseph Miller, A. J. Plaugher, Manley Roberts, Claude Vore, L. G. Younkman, John Grady, John Alger, Ben Driver, D.S. Early, W. H. Koogler, J. B. Sandy, and others.

Early Sunday morning, February 28, 1925, after having been built for only fourteen years, the church building was completely destroyed by fire which had started late Saturday night.

No doubt this was devastating to many of the 235 members of this seven year old church, but new brick building was erected and in use by November of the same year. During the time the new building was under construction, services were held in the Beaverdam School Gymnasium.

The new brick building was dedicated on Sunday, November 1, 1925, with Otho Winger, President of Manchester College, bringing the message.