1925 Building

Reprinted from "100 Years at Pleasant View."

After being dedicated on Sunday, November 1, 1925, with Otho Winger, President of Manchester College, bringing the message, Rev. I. Clifford Paul was secured as the first full-time salaried pastor in 1929. Three years later, 1932, a parsonage was built as a home for the pastor and his family. The parsonage was dedicated in 1932 by the Rev. H. L. Hartsough. Rev. Paul served as pastor until 1937.

March 1938, Clarence Bowman moved to the parsonage with his family and began a long pastorate. He served the church throughout the difficult years of the Second World War, leaving in November 1945. In May 1946 Edgar Petry and his family came to Pleasant View. In 1949 an organ was purchased and dedicated, chimes were later added to the organ from memorial gifts given in memory of loved ones.

The parsonage was improved in 1951 by enlarging the kitchen, adding a half bath to the ground floor, and by adding a room to be used as the pastor's study. In 1954 a Fellowship Hall was planned and later it was erected in the wooded area of the church. On a Sunday morning in 1950, Leonard Carlisle was ordaned into the ministry. He served pastorates at Lakewood (1951-1959), Troy, Ohio (1959-1962), South Bend, Indiana (1970-1975), and Peoria, Illinois.

Roger Sappington came to Pleasant View in 1955 and served as pastor until June 1958.

David B. Wampler and his family came to Pleasant View August 22, 1958. On November 2 the new Fellowship Building was dedicated by Pastor Wampler with the former Pastor Edgar Petry delivering the dedicatory sermon.

On Sunday morning, January 6, 1963 the first short form of Communion with bread and cup was served in the pews with 107 persons present. Rev. Wampler served the church as pastor until August 1965.

Rev. Rommie Moore and his family became pastor at the church in 1965 serving until June 1969. It was in 1966 that the church had its first lay-moderator, which was Calvin Kiracofe.

Rev. Roger Eberly and his wife came to Pleasant View in June 1969 after graduating from Ashland Seminary. In 1969 the sanctuary was remodeled under the guidance of James Bassett, arcitect. A new Baptistry, speaker system, and a large cross in front of the alter area were all added, and the church's main floor was completely carpeted. Rev. Eberly served as pastor until March 1973.